Our cloud-based SaaS platform is accessed from your website, connects with existing systems via a bi-directional interface and is built to handle the full lifecycle of the modern patient scheduling experience, from real-time scheduling through to analytics.

What do we mean by real-time?

Just like the process of booking an airline seat, patients can see what is available and book their desired date and time instantly. When a patient books any appointment on the openDoctor platform, your system is automatically updated using a bi-directional interface, so both patients and your schedulers always see up to date availability within your scheduling systems and online.

Let's get real.

Large EHRs are not addressing the patient experience; they're primarily for billing and clinical record keeping. openDoctor, instead, is focused on helping providers offer patients the ideal scheduling experience, including registration and online payment features. openDoctor clients simultaneously improve their patient acquisition, registration and communications.

Our cloud-based solution is available for:

  • Health Systems

    Hospitals and health systems already have a wide variety of software systems in place, and consolidation creates even more demanding interoperability challenges. An openDoctor solution can be deployed to focus on a particular process (e.g. patient self-scheduling) as an initial step of the systems integration approach.

    When one client did a soft launch with openDoctor, without any marketing of this new capability, they immediately saw a 15% increase in new patients, who started booking appointments online. Experience shows that if you offer online, real-time access to patients, they will self-serve - saving time and money!

  • Radiology &
    Medical Practices

    Radiology and medical practices are challenged to deliver ever-higher levels of patient care, yet must maintain rigid EHR, EMR, RIS and/or practice management systems to ensure they meet regulations and are reimbursed for their services. Our solution is often deployed to bridge this divide.

    When one particular radiology practice started using our platform, they saw nearly 50% of their appointments being scheduled online outside of the practice's normal business hours. This saved them an enormous amount of time and money, allowing phone schedulers to focus instead on patient satisfaction items, such as new registration services and follow-up.

  • Payers

    Payers are no longer just serving their employer clients; they're now expected to present a consumer-facing, tech-savvy experience to their members. Leading organizations recognize the value in building member loyalty, while reducing claims, with better online services. That's where openDoctor comes in.

    One client acted on the conventional wisdom that mothers schedule the family's healthcare services. Using the openDoctor platform, they launched a new offering for this segment, and saw 80% of appointments booked online by female members – a clear win in both customer value and brand equity!


The Patient Experience Doesn't Begin When You Think

It might start with a Google search, a visit to your website, or perhaps a text with a link to your physician's biography… and, then… what can a patient do from there?

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