The Patient Experience

How It Works

Bi-directional interfaces are powered by our proprietary interface engine, openSync; this is the key to building connectivity between your existing systems and your evolving "front-end" to delight patients.

  • Online Real-Time Scheduling

    Patients, physicians, and staff can schedule and update appointments online, anytime (not just make a "request" for an appointment). Over 60% of patients book online outside of business hours, but unlike other software solutions, we support true, real-time booking using openSync, our sophisticated engine that can interface with EMRs, EHRs, and other existing systems. OpenSync also supports an algorithm-based Q&A, for scheduling complex appointments, and allows for immediate insurance verification.

  • Sophisticated Reminders Engine

    Reminders are proven to reduce no-show rates by 30 to 50%. Our smart reminders engine however takes this a step further: in addition to email and SMS reminders, openDoctor ensures your patient's calendar is updated, includes prep instructions as necessary, and provides details for the correct location for a particular procedure. This saves both time and reduces no-shows, which can significantly impact revenue, but also provides a better experience for patients who may be apprehensive about upcoming visits.

  • Paperless Forms & Check-In

    Our smart forms technology was built to reduce the enormous amount of paper, time and money associated with current processes that involve hard-copy forms, faxing, printing, and data entry. In addition, a patient can fill out her paperwork at home prior to her appointment, or on their phone/tablet/laptop in your office. No more paper and clipboards; no more errors; no more wasted time for staff and patients!

  • Online Reports & Results

    Referring physicians can receive results as soon as you're ready to send them, and you can also send reports to patients if you'd like. Both physicians and patients want a seamless, technology-based process to create efficiencies, reduce duplicated work, but need the privacy controls necessary to protect patient privacy. Our openSync engine was built with this in mind, so you can decide when and how to share results and reports - based on healthcare considerations, not technology limitations.

  • Revenue Cycle Management

    Our platform can tackle the challenge of insurance verification, pre-authorization, and payment processing for co-pays and open balances. Reducing revenue cycle time is crucial to managing your business, and we know how to apply technology to streamline this process and keep patients happy with the transparency they deserve around billing. In fact, embedding this step as part of your appointment booking is an innovative approach that we've seen positively impact our clients' bottom line and their patient satisfaction scores. Real-time, online scheduling and digital payments (at booking and/or registration) is a powerful combination!

  • Analytics & Workflow Tools

    Technology solutions are only as impactful as your ability to measure results and plan for an evolving healthcare business. Smart software can make all the difference! Our analytical tools help you measure your business down to the resource level. We provide the tools you need to keep your current workflow, and/or evolve it over time, with impactful information on what's working and what's not.

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